A new gorgeous graphic theme!

Sidney is the name of our brand new set of templates. Sidney includes slide shows, animated transitions and many other goodies to impress your users with a professional and elegant web presence. To use Sidney theme just register for a free-trial and select it in the setup wizard. You can also switch theme from the administration area (Themes menu). Have a quick look at Sidney preview here.

A modern approach to SEO

Anyone that has spent time trying to improve their click-through rates from search engine results will tell you that Google algorithmically picks the snippet displayed for a given page. TouristWay now integrates microformats to provide search engines with machine-readable data that improve the accuracy of search engine indexing algorithms. Here's how Google "reads" a sample TouristWay page.

...and more new features

We have been adding several improvements in the past few weeks, these are the most interesting: * Suppliers can create new products * Configurable booking wizard * GeoRSS * New examples in the demo database Register now for a 30-days free trial
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